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The general objective of VSEC is to create a society where
members possess a sense of responsibility that helps them as an individual and as a member of the society towards nation building.

Scholarship Programs

Training For Trainers

Enhancing Communication Skills

Science Awareness Programs

Enhancing Lab Facilities

Quiz Programs For School Children

Awareness Classes On Government Schemes & Scholarships

Science Awareness Programs

SAP is a scientific awareness programme, which is proposed to be implemented at high school level (secondary education), with the objective of improving the scientific awareness of students, who have the right aptitude and empower them to grab opportunities and channelize them in the correct path of their higher education. SAP will not only take into consideration the issues of the students but will also give guidance to parents to show the right path to their wards.

Services under SAP

  1. Science awareness classes to 8,9,10
  2. Career guidance classes to 11,12
  3. Science lab set up
  4. Sashtra Thrang – project exhibition and science quiz
  5. Science Promotional activities like workshops, seminar, FDP 

Brahma-Vidya Social Outreach Programme

The Brahma-Vidya Social Outreach Programme is meant to provide opportunities for the Members of Vidya to help development of society particularly in rural areas. The programme provides better quality guidance to the students of rural areas and guides them to their intended careers and encourages their interest in extracurricular activities.

The activities of the programme are directed to provide necessary guidance for improving the inborn talents, generating consensus about the external world and current industrial surroundings with the help of corresponding domain experts. The curriculum learning programme will utilize 50% time for syllabus and 50% for Personality Development, Communication Skills, Career Guidance etc. The Mentors are selected from VAST students and  are trained by Members of this programme.

Services under Brahma-Vidya Social Outreach Programme

  1. Personality Development
  2. Communication Skill Development
  3. Career Guidance
  4. Mentoring the students